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VA Accredited

Mary A. Byrski, Esq. has received accreditation by the Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA") that enables her to give advice to and file benefit claims for veterans.  Accreditation refers to the authority granted by the VA to those attorneys who meet the established standards.  The Department of Veterans Affairs stated purpose in requiring attorney accreditation is to ensure that claimants for VA benefits receive, "…qualified assistance in preparing and presenting their claims."  With this certification, Byrski Estate & Elder Law has the distinction of being one of only a handful of firms in Charlotte County with a VA Accredited attorney.

To receive accreditation, federal law requires an attorney to complete an application and continuing legal education requirements.  An attorney must also establish that he or she is of good character and reputation.  The privilege of accreditation carries with it the responsibility to maintain specified standards of conduct and comply with the laws that govern VA representations, as set forth in the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. The VA accreditation system is designed to ensure that lawyers who represent VA claimants have a thorough understanding of the VA health and benefit systems, so that they may provide quality assistance in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of those claims.

“This is more than an accreditation – it’s a reinforcement of our commitment to the men and women who valiantly served our country in the armed forces,” says Mary Byrski.  “With VA accreditation we can knowledgably fulfill the needs of our veterans and their families throughout the claims process.  Our VA accreditation is a great benefit to the firm, our clients, and our community.”  Ms. Byrski is proud to have received this accreditation from the Department of Veterans Affairs and she looks forward to assisting veterans who have served our country obtain the benefits they deserve.