What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is a specialty of law that caters to the needs of older clients, and it is the only area of law defined by the people that we serve rather than the areas of law in which we practice. Almost every aspect of life management for the elderly is covered under some form of Elder Law. There are elder laws pertaining to estate planning, wills, trusts, guardianships and life care planning. Elder laws exist to protect the rights of our clients and to insulate them against abuse, neglect and fraud. It is important to consult elder laws when dealing with disability, medical care, nursing home and housing issues, as well as retirement, insurance and employment issues.

Who benefits from using a firm that specializes in Elder Law?

You as the client certainly benefit from the expertise of an elder law attorney as it applies to your situation, and so do your loved ones. An elder law attorney can help everyone involved – client, spouse, family, etc. – to make better, more informed decisions.  The knowledgeable and trustworthy attorneys at Byrski Estate and Elder Law have the experience and integrity to keep clients’ best interests in mind while bringing their loved ones peace-of-mind.

When to hire an Elder Law Attorney

It is best to seek an elder law attorney’s services before illness or incapacity becomes an issue so he/she can help you draft legal documents detailing exactly how certain situations should be handled if you are not able to make decisions for yourself. That means you’ll be in control of the care and treatment you receive regardless of your ability to assert what you want at a later point.   However, the attorneys at Byrski Estate & Elder Law can also help in a crisis situation, especially with estate planning needs, guardianship, and government benefit planning.

Through our Life Care Planning services our firm can also help with care and placement questions regarding area services for in-home care, nursing homes, assisted living facilitites and retirement communities.   Additionally, if you are the victim of physical or financial abuse or exploitation, you should contact an elder law attorney immediately.

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